CPA Networks Definitions: DSL, RegPath, Whitelabel, Host and Post

For those of you who are new to CPA, basic definitions would be helpful, especially when it comes to what is and what is not allowed. Here are the most common CPA terms: Web, Search, DSL, Email, RegPath, SocialNet, Host and Post, Whitelabel.

Search: search traffic originates from search engines like Bing, 7Search, Google, Yahoo, etc, and uses affiliate links to re-direct users to the offer.

PPC or CPC advertising methods are allowed; PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” while CPC means “Cost Per Click”

Web: in most cases this means banners on websites. Web promotions originate from natural traffic content webpages.

Host & Post: you host the offer on your server instead of using the advertisers landing page. You rely on your design to convert traffic.This is an advanced technique, and only a few offers are open to this type of traffic.

Whitelabel: these are offers that look different than the parent host’s website, but traffic ends up going to the parent host’s website.

RegPath-Registration Path. Users typically begin by clicking on banners and then filling out additional offers. ZIP and E-mail submit offers are RegPaths.

SocialNet: Social Network traffic. Clicks originate from places like Facebook, Myspace, and various other social networking sites.

DLS: Downloadable software. As long as the offer indicates that it is allowed the promotion type DLS , then it is acceptable to run contextual traffic

Email – Email marketing. You capture leads and email them approved e-mail ads

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PageRank vs Sexy Dumb Blonde

1. Many men dream about sexy dumb blondes

Even those men who claim to be immune against the wiles of the “sexy dumb blonde,” hide under the mask of indifference their true desire for the hot looking beauty.

The same is true for PageRank

Every website owner wishes to have a high PR. Even those who declare that the success of their Internet business does not depend on it.

Page Rank vs Sexy Dumb Blonde

Page Rank vs Sexy Dumb Blonde

2. It is easy to lose a sexy dumb blonde

A ” dumb blonde” is unpredictable. Today she makes her boyfriend happy, but tomorrow he might wake up in a cold bed with a “goodbye” note stuck to his forehead.

PR can disappear even more quickly than a women of the heart and without any “goodbye” notes.

3. It is possible to have a sexy dumb blonde return to you

There are a variety of ways to get her to return. Often time the chances increase in direct proportion to the size of your wallet and the amount of time you are willing to spend.

The same is true with the lost-and-found PageRank.

4. A sexy blonde can interfere with a good night sleep

A man who has a sexy woman by his side does not sleep well worrying about the possibility of losing her. And then there are others who lose sleep thinking of ways of finding one of these women and holding on to her.

Owners of websites suffer from the same affliction for two reasons as well:

Some are always concerned about how to keep the high PageRank while others are always scheming on how to get it.

5. Finally, any man could be happy without a sexy dumb blonde and without high PageRank.

There is only one problem…. Where do you find this man?

Marina Smiley :)

Bringing SciFi computers into reality

On the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas I saw the most amazing virtual mouse that allows computer users to surf the web without repetitive clicking. Lightglove could be on shelves as early as the first quarter of next year.

This innovative technology frees the hands from a traditional keyboard and helps many people to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

The device is also being developed as a video game controller, television remote control and light switch. It may also be useful for medical workers who use computers in sterile environments